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Tropical Flower Arrangements

Hawaiian Wedding Flowers

These are the Hawaiian Flower Bouquets, Haku Leis & Flower Circles that we offer along with our Kauai Elopement packages. All of our Hakus and Floral ceremony circles will be created to perfectly coordinate with your bridal bouquet and personal preferences.

Flower Leis

Hawaiian Haku Leis

Each of our beautiful hakus is created to perfectly coordinate with your bouquet and any other flowers.
Flower Circles

Floral Ceremony Embelishments

These are a few additional ceremony embellishments you can add to your beach ceremony or private location. All florals are created in coordination with your bridal bouquet or other ceremony florals. These options are completely customizable based on your preferences!


Most grooms will wear a boutonniere that matches the style or color of the bridal bouquet. Other people who traditionally  wear one  include: groomsmen, the bride’s dad, any ring bearers, ushers and grandfathers too.  This is an arrangement that should be on your wedding flower list!

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Mahalo Nui Loa for considering us to be a part of your elopement wedding on Kaua'i! We can't wait to get to know you so that we can help you plan and create an amazing experience that you will never ever forget!